Make a Pledge to Project Newton

Make a Pledge to Project Newton

Making a Pledge

We are currently in the process of applying for a second-phase Heritage Fund grant to help us reach our target of £875,000 for this urgent repair and renewal project. We will also need to raise match-funding from local sources to achieve our aim.

If you can possibly help us financially, please complete the pledge form below as a commitment to help fund the project once we get our Heritage grant. Every little helps, and obviously you won’t need to transfer any money to us until we receive the bulk of our funding from the HF. If you want to pay over a period of years can you complete the pledge form and let us know over how many years you want to pay.

Making a Donation

You may wish to make a donation right now, rather than a pledge for the future. You can make a secure online donation to support Project Newton with any debit or credit card:

Cheque and Bank Transfer

You can also give by cheque made payable to PCC of East Harptree with West Harptree and Hinton Blewitt or bank transfer to the same account:

  • S/C 60-05-22
  • A/C 71256083
  • Please put as the reference: “Newton”

Other Ways of Giving

Please contact Guy Stobart or Mary Cookson if you would like to give in any of the ways set out below:

Regular donations for the next year or longer

  • This spreads your donation
  • If you make a Gift Aid declaration, each payment will be eligible for the addition of 25% from HMRC in the same way as a single donation, and has the same tax benefits for higher rate taxpayers.

A donation of stocks and shares or other assets

  • No Capital Gains tax will be charged by HMRC on stocks and shares, or any other assets donated to the Appeal.
  • A gift of assets will not qualify for Gift Aid, but if you make a donation of quoted shares or securities, or certain other qualifying investments, you will be able to deduct the value of your gift from your income when calculating your tax.
  • If you agree, we may ask you to sell the stocks and shares you have donated to us on our behalf. Provided this is done by prior arrangement, it will not affect the tax treatment.
  • Alternatively, we will be able to assist you with a transfer, and the investments will be sold at an advantageous time during the next year.

The gift of a work of art or an object of value

  • You might wish to give a picture, a piece of furniture or a piece of jewellery, for example.
  • We will then sell the object in auction
  • No Capital Gains Tax will be charged on a gift of assets to the Appeal.

A legacy in your will

  • Donations may also be made in a will, and because we are a charity there is no Inheritance Tax liability whatsoever on the sum involved. It is advisable to use the services of a solicitor to amend an existing will.
  • Donations made in the seven years before your death are also exempt from Inheritance Tax.

An In Memoriam gift

  • You might wish to fund a specific part of Project Newton in memory of a loved one. For example, a family might wish to fund a touchscreen in memory of someone who loved history. You might wish to fund the work to the stained glass in memory of someone who loved decorative arts. The relevant area of the church will then be marked with a plaque. You might consider funding:
    • The new south door – £3000
    • New inner door to nave – £1500

Details of other opportunities for In Memoriam donations can be obtained from Guy Stobart or Mary Cookson. All enquiries will be treated in confidence.

Gift Aid

We will be able to claim an additional 25% Gift Aid from HM Revenue & Customs (HMRC), if you make a Gift Aid declaration. You must pay at least as much UK income tax and/or capital gains tax in the tax year, as can be reclaimed on all your charitable gifts.

If you are a higher rate taxpayer and make a Gift Aid declaration, you will also be able to claim a tax reduction yourself.

Download a gift aid form here

Funding Updates


Recent grants: National Lottery Heritage Fund award £294,900, Garfield Weston £30,000 and East Harptree Parish Council £4000. Also Foulerton Trust, Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers, Burges Salmon, The Hobson Charity, Somerset Churches Trust, Allchurches Trust, St. Andrew’s Conservation Trust, Church Care, The Beatrice Laing Trust. If the government extend the LPOW VAT Grant Scheme again in March 2022 that is worth c£80k to the project. Zero VAT rating of the Inclusive Access Works would realise another £10k


  • Garfield Weston (£30,000)
  • East Harptree Parish Council (£4000)
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund(£294900)
  • School House Trust (£73k)
  • Pledges so far (£84k)
  • Donations so far (£41k)
  • Allchurches Trust(£12800)
  • The Hobson Charity (£10k)
  • Churchcare (£8600)
  • St. Andrew’s Conservation Trust (£2k)
  • The Beatrice Laing Trust(£5k)
  • Somerset Churches Trust (£2k)
  • LPOW VAT Grant Scheme (£80k)
  • Zero Rating of Inclusive Access works (£10k)
  • The Sharpe Trust (£400)
  • Foulerton Trust (£5000)
  • Francis Coales(£1000)
  • Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers(£6400)
  • Burges Salmon Charitable Trust (£150)
  • Other (£64200)










We have raised 95% of our £770,000 target

Tap here to pledge

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