Welcome to Project Newton

Welcome to Project Newton

A Renewal Project for the Church and Community of East Harptree

Project Newton is a community-led project to allow people both local and visitors better to appreciate the special features and heritage of St Laurence Church, East Harptree and to have the opportunity to get involved, learn about and care for the heritage around them

The work will deliver urgent repairs needed to the tower, bells, Chancel, wall paintings, Newton Monument (after which the project is named), and stained glass of the church.

It will also deliver opportunities for increased engagement across our community, including safe use of the church building by East Harptree C of E Primary School and other local organisations. It will safeguard this magnificent building for future generations and bring alive the heritage of East Harptree enabling people of all ages to learn about and to enjoy this special place.

This website will help you find out more about the Newton project, how you can get involved, and keep up with the latest project updates.

Project Updates

  • More of the photographs discovered by the Harptrees History Society

    A sample of the photographs unearthed by the Harptrees History Society

  • Glorious New Photograph discovered showing the East End of the Chancel with all the Original Victorian Decoration

    The Harptrees History have recently discovered a series of images of the interior and exterior of the church and of its surroundings and of the wider village. Attached is a…

  • Planning Application Submitted

    The planning application for all the elements of the works that have an external impact-eg to the Tower, the access to the churchyard, the pathway to the north door, the…

  • Successful Public Consultation

    The public consultation of the Project Newton plans took place over the weekend of 30th November and 1st December 2019. Over 120 people attended and several pages of flipchart were…

  • Consultation update

    Another informal consultation with East Harptree Parish Council took place on 19th November.