Church Repairs

Church Repairs

The works will involve four areas of the fabric:

  • Repairs and conservation works to walls
  • Restoration of paintings, stained glass and hunky punks
  • Access improvements
  • A new exhibition area in the south porch.


The tower parapets and high level stonework are fragile, with the north-east and south-east pinnacles significantly wasted and vulnerable. The parapets contain embedded ironwork and have been repaired in past using cementitious materials; these repairs are loosening in places, with areas of the parapets cracked, loose and at risk of loss.

The tower roof needs significant work as it is leaking. The boiler flue on the north elevation is cracked. This is a relatively modern addition to the tower, and would be removed.

Conservation repairs are needed for the sundial on the south side of tower (high level), and high level lettering.

Bell and Belfry

The bell frame and the steel lintels to the belfry windows are in need of redecoration, and the bell running gear requires specialist review and overhaul. The bells themselves need attention.

In the upper stage openings, water ingress is occurring through the belfry and deadening chamber openings to the south; there is damage to flooring beneath, repairs are required.

General Masonry and Windows

Masonry conservation and repointing is needed on the softer pink/red stonework of the tower, chancel and south porch, which is suffering from cementitious pointing and increasing decay.

The low wall to the south of the entrance into the churchyard needs replacing. A display of the historic fabric currently in this wall will be located in the churchyard.

Window masonry repairs and conservation work are urgently required, including repairs to the stained glass.


Project Newton will also ensure that all the white paint in the chancel is removed, to reveal wonderful medieval and Victorian wall paintings underneath. The chancel roof will also be cleaned and the whole chancel will have new lighting and be restored.

South Porch

Conservation work is required on the Newton Monument.

New heating and lighting will allow the south porch to operate as a useable space and exhibition area, independently of the main body of St Laurence. Interpretation material will be placed here and elsewhere in the church.

Access improvements

Improved access will be made from the public highway at the main church gate into the churchyard, and the steps at the entrance to the south porch will be removed to create level access. External doors will be replaced, as well as a new internal door to the south nave.

Funding Updates


Recent grants: National Lottery Heritage Fund award £294,900, Garfield Weston £30,000 and East Harptree Parish Council £4000. Also Foulerton Trust, Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers, Burges Salmon, The Hobson Charity, Somerset Churches Trust, Allchurches Trust, St. Andrew’s Conservation Trust, Church Care, The Beatrice Laing Trust. If the government extend the LPOW VAT Grant Scheme again in March 2022 that is worth c£80k to the project. Zero VAT rating of the Inclusive Access Works would realise another £10k


  • Garfield Weston (£30,000)
  • East Harptree Parish Council (£4000)
  • National Lottery Heritage Fund(£294900)
  • School House Trust (£73k)
  • Pledges so far (£84k)
  • Donations so far (£41k)
  • Allchurches Trust(£12800)
  • The Hobson Charity (£10k)
  • Churchcare (£8600)
  • St. Andrew’s Conservation Trust (£2k)
  • The Beatrice Laing Trust(£5k)
  • Somerset Churches Trust (£2k)
  • LPOW VAT Grant Scheme (£80k)
  • Zero Rating of Inclusive Access works (£10k)
  • The Sharpe Trust (£400)
  • Foulerton Trust (£5000)
  • Francis Coales(£1000)
  • Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers(£6400)
  • Burges Salmon Charitable Trust (£150)
  • Other (£64200)










We have raised 95% of our £770,000 target

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