Who’s Involved

Who’s Involved

The ultimate body responsible for Project Newton is the PCC of the United Parish of East Harptree with West Harptree and Hinton Blewitt. It has delegated day-to-day responsibility to a steering committee, consisting of Guy Stobart and Mary Cookson (Churchwardens), John Darvill and Cassie Butcher.

The steering committee have appointed a number of professionals to assist in the project, including:

We are also working closely with, among others:

Funding Updates


Recent grants: Allchurches Trust, St Andrew’s Conservation Trust, Church Care raise £23550


  • Heritage Fund (£83k)
  • School House Trust (£68k)
  • Local Pledges so far (£101k)
  • Allchurches Trust(£12800)
  • Diocesan Loan (£25k)
  • Churchcare (£8600)
  • Previous fundraising events (£50k)
  • St Andrews Conservation Trust (£2k)
  • Other (£150)





We have raised 40% of our £875,000 target

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