Heritage and History

Heritage and History

The building heritage works will focus on the tower, the chancel, the stained glass and the bell, but our project will also create an exhibition area in the south porch.

Newton Monument

One of the permanent elements of that exhibition is likely to focus on the Newton Monument and the heritage surrounding Sir John Newton and his family. You can download a document about the monument here.

Harptree Hoard

Central to the exhibition will be a display on the Harptree Hoard – a cache of 1500 Roman coins, excavated in the 1880’s by a labourer searching in the Mendip Hills for a new spring for the village.

The hoard has since been broken up: Some were originally on display in St Laurence but were stolen some time ago, others are in the British Museum. Bristol Culture hold a number of the coins, as well as a silver ingot found alongside the hoard, and the pewter flagon in which the coins were found. The remainder of the hoard is in private hands, and came up for sale in 2016.

History of the Church

For a detailed description of the history of the church and its place in the community, download our Statement of Significance.

East Harptree Hidden History and Secret Places

Project Newton’s interpretation plans will include touchscreen display units featuring interactive maps, galleries and video tours based on content like this video by Wild Country Lane Studios. ©2016 Harptrees History Society

Our Heritage and History

Funding Updates


Recent grants: Allchurches Trust, St Andrew’s Conservation Trust, Church Care raise £23550


  • Heritage Fund (£83k)
  • School House Trust (£68k)
  • Local Pledges so far (£101k)
  • Allchurches Trust(£12800)
  • Diocesan Loan (£25k)
  • Churchcare (£8600)
  • Previous fundraising events (£50k)
  • St Andrews Conservation Trust (£2k)
  • Other (£150)





We have raised 40% of our £875,000 target

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