Engagement and Learning

Engagement and Learning

Project Newton will provide opportunities for a wide range of people to find out about the history of the building, the village and the surrounding area through a mix of enjoyable and interesting activities. Children from local schools, along with community groups, history and environmental societies, local residents, walkers and tourists will all be encouraged to get involved or come and visit.

Everyone will be welcome to come here to find out about the church and the village and how the two have been inextricably linked for a thousand years. An exhibition will look at the stories behind the beautiful stained-glass windows, and people will be invited to explore what they are interested in, from the medieval wall paintings to the bats in the churchyard, or the aqueduct in Harptree Combe.

Having talked with community groups and individuals, our activities will include:

  • access to the conservation work and behind the scenes tours
  • heritage displays
  • music
  • walks led by experts in the village as well as family-friendly trails
  • drama/theatre to explore the long history of the village
  • photography workshops and opportunities to get creative and capture the buildings, landscape, and wildlife in the area for a photographic competition
  • opportunities to volunteer
  • and specific events organised by groups to match their interests.

If you would like to get involved or find out more, please get in touch.

Funding Updates


Recent grants: National Lottery Heritage Fund award £294,900. Also Foulerton Trust, Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers, Burges Salmon, The Hobson Charity, Somerset Churches Trust, Allchurches Trust, St. Andrew’s Conservation Trust, Church Care, The Beatrice Laing Trust. If the government extend the LPOW VAT Grant Scheme again in March 2022 that is worth c£90k to the project. Zero VAT rating of the Inclusive Access Works would realise another £15k


  • National Lottery Heritage Fund(294900)
  • School House Trust (£73k)
  • Pledges so far (£84k)
  • Donations so far (£41k)
  • Allchurches Trust(£12800)
  • The Hobson Charity (£10k)
  • Churchcare (£8600)
  • St. Andrew’s Conservation Trust (£2k)
  • The Beatrice Laing Trust(£5k)
  • Somerset Churches Trust (£2k)
  • LPOW VAT Grant Scheme (£90k)
  • Zero Rating of Inclusive Access works (£15k)
  • The Sharpe Trust (£400)
  • Foulerton Trust (£5000)
  • Francis Coales(£1000)
  • Bath and Wells Diocesan Association of Change Ringers(£6400)
  • Burges Salmon Charitable Trust (£150)
  • Other (£64200)










We have raised 93% of our £770,000 target

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